W2_A2_Ex-5_Dot product throws a NaN

Hi hope you can help I think I have found a bug in this question.
Calculating w.T by X as a dot product leaves me with one negative number which throws a NaN when I log it.
I am wondering if the test data is randomly generated so people cannot copy answers.
Any help is appreciated!

Hello @Peter1998,


There is a sigmoid function which will make sure the output is between 0 and 1. Remember we are working on the logistic regression problem and we need the sigmoid activation for it.


PS: I will move you thread back to the Deep Learning Specialization Course 1 category, and please post any DLS related questions in the right category.

Sorry about posting in the wrong place, i’m new here!
Thank you for the answer missed the sigmoid function!

No problem @Peter1998 :wink: