W2 A2 | Help on Propagate Function Exercise 5

every other parameter seem to execute correctly save cost function
Please what could be wrong???

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Assuming that this is W2A2 in C1…

dw and db are calculated independent to the cost calculation. In your case, dw and db are correct, but cost is not. So, you can just focus on the one single line, cost calculation.

J = -\frac{1}{m}\sum_{i=1}^{m}(y^{(i)}\log(a^{(i)})+(1-y^{(i)})\log(1-a^{(i)}))

Others should be OK.

It works Now thanks. I had used minus “-” sign instead of a plus while writing the code.
However, after that worked, dw stopped working
I tried the same propagate function for solving questin 6 and it worked fine but doesn’t do well on question 5. I guess the wrong test was used in the file.
here is my screenshot of the new problem

I’m afraid that you are using a hard-coded value for the number of samples, m.
As you see in the first line of this function, it is obtained from the shape of X.
With looking at your result, you seem to use m=3 always, which is not correct.
Please double check this.

Very true, I did that while I was trying to debug what was wrong with the cost function initially.
All works perfectly now.