W3 programming assignment

can anyone upload W3 programming assignment original file plz ? I changed that file without downloading.

Hi @skpeer0621!

You can refresh your workspace. This will download a fresh new copy of it into your environment!


i refreshed so many times…it is showing saved file only …please can you send me any fresh file
thank you


Have you renamed your actual file to another name? Or even delete it?

If you don’t do that, Coursera does not replace your file.

no ,actually assignment starting i forgot to download file and after that i started to write the assignment. But I made some changes and got confused. So i need original notebook file to see which changes I had done. W3 assignment of linear algebra

I see. So what you can do is rename your lab file before refreshing it.

Please follow all the instructions in the section Refresh your Workspace. Try not to skip any of them. This will provide a fresh new copy and keep your original file.