W3_"Trigger Word Detection"- 'Overlap with an empty list must be False'

problem fixed after reboot the server




Glad that you were able to fix it on your own.

I have the same problem
Cell #13. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘Overlap with an empty list must be False’)
how should I reboot ?

Hello Ahmad Hasani,

Rebooting here means:

Save your work—> Close the browsers & re-log in in your Coursera account. Launch the Jupyter notebook. Run all the cells through shift + enter key. Hope the issue would get resolved.

Rebooting the server hasn’t fixed the problem for me. Still getting the same error even though I pass the unit test in cell 13.

Solved the issue - this notebook takes a long time to save (up to 10 minutes or more, probably because of the audio clips displayed), so the grader only looks at the old version that did not pass the unit test.