W4 A1 One spell mistake

In 2.1 - Padding Mask section, I think it should be the zeros rather they zeros

Besides, as the picture below shows, q’s shape is (…, s, d), but when I optput q’s shape, the result is (s, d), there is no the first … dimention. I don’t konw whether I have expressed clearly. Or maybe it’s batch dimention afterwards it will change to (…, s, d).
But I think it’s better to clarify this in the section, cause these unclear notes would trouble us finishing codes. It troubled me anyway.

I have saw many people said this assigment is so difficult. So I think my feedback maybe useful for you to improve this assigment.
Thank you all for your hard work! Respect!

Hi Even,

Thanks for sharing and for helping to improve the quality of the content. Will pass your feedback to the team.



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