W4_A1_submission output_ 0/100 when tests were passed

Interesting. There are errors there from at least 3 different notebooks. They all indicate that something is very wrong. They are all also very clear messages that you could investigate. Consider the one from the W4 A1 about initialize_parameters not defined. Does that happen when you actually run the notebook yourself, as opposed to invoke the grader?

For the one about the UNQ_C1 tag being missing in W3A1, you can try getting a clean copy of the notebook using the procedure on the DLS FAQ Thread and then take a look at what the template code should look like. There should be a comment line in the relevant function cell that has that tag in it. So why is it not there? Did you delete it on purpose or by accident?

But really all these errors in all these different places lead me to guess that there is something more systematic wrong here. One theory would be that you have copied a bunch of old notebooks from GitHub. If that is what happened, please be aware that a) that is cheating and b) it doesn’t even work if the notebooks you copied are too old. The courses were significantly revised in April 2021 and solutions older than that no longer work.

Please pick one of these 3 cases (W3A1, W4A1 and W4A2) and do the “get a clean copy” procedure. Then try “copy/pasting” your solutions over to the fresh copy and see if that works any better.