Week 1 Assigment 3 - Some improvements for the tests?


I was going through exercise 2 and 3 and I think I found an improvement to be made on Ex2 unit test. I will try to share this without giving people the answer, so I hope this is helpful.

So in the last part of ex 2 we have to fill in this part:

inference_model = Model(inputs=[_, _, _], outputs= X)

I could pass this test even though I assigned the wrong output X . The right answer is a type=list but I was able to go through with a vector (with similar name, so you can guess what).

I had problems on exercise 3 because, instead of having a list of outputs, I just had 1 element (1,Ty). I was able to figure this out, but maybe you could add a unit test that checks the output type there (and confirms it should be a list). This way people can spot the error beforehand.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for the suggestion!