Week 1 Assignment 1 exercise 3 problem with A_prev

Hello @Mansur_Adamu_Abubaka!

If your question is from Week 2 of supervised machine learning, then you should post it in the MLS course 2 category, not in the DLS course 4 category.

You can change the category by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of the title, as shown in the below image.

Regarding the assignment, you just need to write the code between the two lines as shown below:


Other than there, you cannot add your code, nor can edit the other cells. But you have to run all the cells, from start to end, sequentially.


The reason that “load_data” is not defined is that you have not run the earlier cells in the notebook. That function is “imported” from a supporting file by one of the earlier cells in the notebook. Every time you open a notebook, you need to run all the code cells in order, because (as in this case) the later cells depend on variables and functions created by the earlier cells.

Try “Cell → Run All Above” and then run that cell that calls load_data again and it should work.

Also notice how this process works: now that you’ve actually given us some concrete information, instead of just saying “I have a problem and I don’t know what to do”, we can actually help. Saif knows the MLS and DLS courses, but I only know the DLS ones. But the “load_data not defined” is a generic problem that I recognize because students in DLS hit that as well.

We learned a number of important things from your first “real” answer. The most important is that you had posted this on a pre-existing thread about DLS Course 4, so I assumed you were asking about the Convolutional Network Assignment in DLS C4 W1. But it turns out you are asking about something completely different: MLS Course 1. That’s why my previous replies did not seem to make any sense with respect to your questions: I was talking about something completely different because I did not have correct information.

Also note that you should not change the labels on this thread, since you weren’t the creator of the thread. For future questions that you have about MLS, the best idea is to create a new thread of your own and make sure it’s in the right category under MLS. In MLS, there are two levels of subcategories: the Course and then the Week within that course that you are asking about.

Thank you Saif,
let me try it.

Hello, Paul.
Thank you very much for your last response; I have done everything and am now OK.