Week 1, Assignment 2, Accidentally Deleted .ipynb

I accidentally deleted my lab file: Dinosaurus_Island_Character_level_language_model.ipynb
as I was trying to make my final submission. Is there a way to retrieve it, or a previously submitted version?
I tried to update my jupyter workspace but could get a new version of that file. Is there a way to get a new version of the ipynb file?

I was able to update the lab space with a virgin .ipynb file but it would sure help if I could get back the latest submitted version to avoid having to redo the entire thing.

Check your Files → Open menu (on the main toolbar) and see if you have any checkpoint versions saved.

Thanks for the reply. I’m just minutes away from re-completing the assignment so no further reason to recover an old file. I will remember this tip if it ever happens again.

You can also protect yourself by keeping local back up copies. Click “File → Download as notebook (ipynb)”. Note that if you want to be able to refer to the assignments once you complete the course, you definitely want to download copies. The assignments are behind the paywall, meaning that you can no longer see them once you stop paying the subscription, even though you have completed them. There is a topic about this and how to download all the files associated with the assignments on the DLS FAQ Thread.