Week 1 assignment (ALA)

Greetings all, please what could be the cause of the error here (ADVANCED LEARNING ALGORITHM week 1 assignment). I got 0% by the auotograder after submission, is it wrong arrangement , wrong code or is there any thing i missed out ? Please I will appreciate any help on what to do in order to improve. Thank you

Run all of the cells starting from the beginning of the notebook, every time you open it.
That’s how “Sequential” will be defined.

Since you got 0% from the grader, your code probably has other errors as well.

Check whether your code passes all of the unit tests in the notebook. Do not submit your notebook for grading until all of the built-in tests give the expected results.

I have tried several times as instructed and still get error, please I will appreciate some more highlight to enable me resolve the issue. Thank you