Week 1 - data channel dictionary error

I get a score of 0/15, even though I set up the train and validation input data sources correctly. Could you please let me know why?


Hi Sanjay,

Thanks for reaching out. Let me tag moderators and mentors if anyone could help you with this.

@moderators , @tf2_mentors Can anyone please help Sanjay for this?


Hi there it might mostly be due to a type error like double quotes in place on single, I advice you to check the snippet on lectures and try it out again and, try to paste the error in the grading report in case if this doesn’t solve your issue

¿Did pass the input paths into the TrainingInput function?

Ya the notebook runs but check for syntax like “data” And ‘data’ are different for grader but note book works fine check the report of grader for more detailed error and if it still not solves your issue reach us happy to help

This issue is still present. Any moderator here?