Week 1 lab is not opening...... (is still cleaning up)

Whenever I’m opening lab it gives errors as its still cleaning up

Hi Vishal,
If you were reopening the lab, It is recommended to open the lab after 2 hours. While re-opening also, it might take more time than usual.
I used to open it in a tab, and do other tasks while it opens.

I have the same issue in other labs. I have been trying for 3 days but still cannot open the lab

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Well… Opening it in incognito mode might help.
Clearing cookies and history also might help…

I had tried it in another browser. Let me try in incognito page and getting back here soon

Just tried with incognito mode and clearing cookies. The issue still persists. It switched from yellow to red automatically. It could be an issue from AWS’s side

Should be on AWS side… Once we open the vocareum page, We are supposed to wait 40 minutes. Maybe when you keep trying , the 40 minute wait never happens…
Last thing I would do is maybe tomorrow, open it and let the tab run for an hour…
There is an exact description at the bottom of the vocareum page

Hi!! I have the same issue this evening. Yesterday and this morning it was working. I wanted to finish the lab (saving locally the progress and the copy and pasting) but now I can’t connect (also in incognito mode). Should I just wait?

Well, You could open the tab and let it stay for an hour. Or open it the next day.