Week 1 lab on cloud classification: quata exceeded

I was not able to complete the cloud classification lab within the stipulated 2 hrs. when I tried to resume the lab after a couple of hours, I get this stupid error message when i clicked on start lab button. How do I fix this? the coursera app indicated that I passed the week, but I didn’t get to complete the lab’s tasks… not all of them. mostly … just short of training…

how do I resume my lab?

Hi John
Take a look at this thread

thanks for the info… but the thing is, they should have made it clear right at the beginning… especially when it’s not as obvious as the countdown timer… I personally consider this a stupid thing… no one is keen to go through the bloody lab repearedly for no reason… this is made worse by the fact that it’s unreliable… many times I have to restart the lab because of no permission error when I went into the lab… this gets extremely annoying!