Week 2 Exercise 5 , Course 1

I have encountered an error in the 5th exercise, I am getting dw = [[-0.00154399]
[-0.00492761]], and cost = 0.0015453193941501516
After rechecking I found out that the value of Y in the uneditable cell is [[1, 1, 0]]
while it should have been [[1, 0, 1]]. Changing this in google colab gave me an accurate answer.
Please help what should I do next?

Hello,The latest version(10 hours ago) has fixed this problem.
You can try it again.

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Yes, this was a bug that was present for a while yesterday, but was fixed earlier today. Please make sure you have the latest version of the notebook and this problem should go away.

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Thank you for replying so fast :slight_smile: