Week 2 Exercise 5 propagate function 2023 October


I have my code like this

{moderator edit: code removed}

And got this output

Im struggling why it gives me an assert error cause i think my functions are correct.

Can you help me?


Actually the given error is an assertion error. So In the previous exercise we have to assert the variables W,b to avoid this error. I would like to ask whether the previous exercise has the following output as per the given image…

{moderator edit: code removed}


Hi @Saket_Choudary01 !

The assertions are encapsulated in the function “propagate_test(propagate)”.

I cant see the assertions that are in the function.


Go back to exercise 4 and check there. If you miss sumthin ping me up

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The issue is here:

For that specific test, your code is returning a 4-element vector for dw, when the expected result is a scalar ( a 1-element vector).

Notice that your code doesn’t give the expected results here either:

How confident are you that your sigmoid function is correct?

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@Saket_Choudary01, please do not post your code on the forum.

That is not allowed by the Code of Conduct.

Yes Sir I think i suspect the error is in sigmoid function. However that was a hunch from my side.

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Yes sir thanks for the heads up!! I’ll follow it from now on

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Sorry @TMosh not gonna do it again.

Im confident of my sigmoid function because of the correct tests


If i can get in touch with an instructor, that would be great!

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@TMosh Yes sir Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be following from now on

Regarding this test result:


I’m not convinced that is a very robust test.

Summary of the issue:
Be sure you do not modify any code in the propagate() function outside of the “YOUR CODE STARTS HERE” area.

For example, modifying the code for “m = …” will make your code compute the wrong dw and db values.

For others who find this thread, be aware of some formatting issues in the assert output.
The fuchsia color outlines the three dw values returned by the propagate_test() function, the lime green outlines the expected values.