Week 2, Exercise 6 -- Error

Hi, In Exercise 6 - update_parameters_with_adam there is dJ which I think it denotes the gradient of the cost function, right? If so, How can I import it to use it in the equations, although it’s not available in the input parameters?

The gradients are all passed into update_parameters_with_adam in the grads dictionary. I think you are just misinterpreting the notation. In the instructions, they show the formulas using pure math notation. The gradient of the cost J w.r.t. to W^{[l]} is the following partial derivative:

dW^{[l]} = \displaystyle \frac {\partial J}{\partial W^{[l]}}

But as I indicate on the LHS of the above expression, that is simply what Prof Ng notates as dW^{[l]}, the gradient for W^{[l]} and those are all included in the grads dictionary.


Yes I just wrote dW[l] and it worked.
Thank you!