Week 2 Quiz Code Not Showing


The code snippets for the questions in Coursera for Course 1 Week 2 are not showing. I have tried with Chrome, Edge and Safari and none of them show the code snippets.


Hi @andyclark41 can you try it in incognito mode as some times the cookie may be problem and also i advice you to try with other network besides which give you error as slow network might also be a case and incase even after doing so if you face any issues please feel free to reach out.

I tried incognito mode in Chrome and have tried with/without VPN. I have also tried on 3 devices (Windows 10 - Chrome/Edge, Apple Mac - Safari, iPad - Safari). I checked my network speed and there are no issues with network speed. This functionality worked in the Week 1 Quiz I took a while back. I don’t think the issue is with my computer/network.

@staff can you please help him out

Hi, please try the coursera application. I checked and i have the same problem via web browser. But through the coursera application (android) it works. So this could be a workaround for you. Meanwhile we have to check where the problem is. Thank you for understanding.

Hi @andyclark41,

I am seeing the codes now in the Course 1 Week2 quiz. The issue may have been resolved.

If you are also able to see the codes, that’s awesome.

Let us know for any problem or if not still working.

I’m not seeing them however; I was able to complete the quiz on the mobile app.


Awesome, good to hear that you got work arounds and you were able to complete the quiz.