Week 2 Quiz question Debate

Hi Sir,

In the below question, why should not we choose this option (2.2% would be a reasonable estimate of the minimum amount this windshield wiper could improve performance.) Because here is my debate . I think we can 2.2% minimum amount option can be choosen because, if we add wipershield, then i can clear off fog things, thereby it can reduce misclassifying fog data images from 8% to greatly some percent like 4% . There is no work giving to the algorithm to classify fog image data. Hence 2.2% minimum amount cannot be the maximum , it can do beyond 2.2% error reduce

You can buy a specially designed windshield wiper that help wipe off some of the raindrops on the front-facing camera. Based on the table from the previous question, which of the following statements do you agree with?

Hey @Anbu,

windshield wiper won’t help you with the foggy pictures but can reduce a number of rain drops stuck on your car’s front-facing camera.