Week 3 & 4 programming assignment and quiz locked

Hello, Bill.

Well, in that case, only Coursera and DeepLearning.AI teams can have a say then. In my opinion, once you are fully subscribed to a course, you must get a lifetime membership then. But this is very sad to know here. At least, one should get access of a lifetime to the line of courses, to which, they have been subscribed to (excluding the newly developed ones).

@Mubsi, do you have any idea what does the policy guidelines reinstate in such a case. It will be helpful for many other learners as well, as many of them might be reeling under the same situation.


Hi @wmartin,

As @Rashmi & @paulinpaloalto mentioned, once you subscribe to a course, you have full access to it. And upon completing the course, it doesn’t really matter if you end your subscription or not, once the course is complete, it automatically ends after the session ends, which is why you might have lost access to the graded material.

As Paul mentioned, for only paid course (i.e having access to graded material), you lose access to it once the subscription ends.

What I have said above is according to my knowledge of how the monthly subscription works.

Let me ask around how it is for employer and yearly memberships, and I shall get back to you on that.


Hi @wmartin,

I have been told that the Coursera Learner Support Team contacted you and you should have access to the courses you have previously completed. Is this done ?

Kindly let me know,

Hi @Rashmi & @paulinpaloalto,

Something I found out while having this investigated, and thought you should be aware of this useful information as well

It isn’t possible to “repurchase” a completed course for anyone on the employer/Enterprise membership without contacting the Coursera Learner Support team. Enrollments within the learner’s Enterprise program are only meant to be for new enrollments and not for completed courses.


Thank you for this useful information @Mubsi!

Coursera has granted me temporary access until September 15. After that date, my access will be removed.

If you’d need access to your other completed courses, you’d have to contact the Learner Support Team, and specify to them that you have an Enterprise membership and you’d like to “re-enroll” in a course with paid access.

Thanks for the information. Note that I have total access to all of my completed courses except for my DeepLearning.AI classes.

Hello, I’m facing similar problem. Can you guide me who to contact here? I couldnt find any email for Coursera Support Team. Thanks

The Coursera Help Center is accessed through the small blue square ? lower right on any course page. This is documented on the DLS FAQ Thread.

And everything I just said there is available earlier on this thread as well.

It worked, thanks a lot!

I completed and locked for my programming assignment. I read the thread but cannot find any relevant solution. Anyone can help?

This is a 2 year old thread. Did you read through everything here? Please be more specific about what your problem is. Are you on financial aid? Can you not open the assignments? I don’t understand from what you said.

@Law_ChinLing, based on your other thread you posted at the same time as this one, you previously completed the course and you don’t have a valid current subscription. Therefore, you can’t access the quizzes or labs.

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