Week 3 - Assignment Section 7.1


I have passed all the exercise in the notebook prior to this step, however, I got the following error when executing the cell to obtain the pipeline definition.

The actual error is:

Am I missing something here?


Did you set the model field correctly in Exercise 6? I can reproduce the error you are seeing by leaving it as None, though it’s possible there is some other error that does the same thing. I’d check there first, though; make sure you’ve set it correctly and re-run the cell, and then retry the cells after it to see if this one gives a different result.

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I’m also getting the same error. Pls see what I have under exercise 6 as reference. I may have it wrong. Thank you for your help in advance,

that cell ran for you without error, but then you got the same “‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘sagemaker_session’” error on cell 7.1?

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not sure how to troubleshoot the code but hope this screenshot below helps. Pls. let me know and I can get you more comprehensive screenshot. Thank you

looks like model is set to a string. did you set it to the model name instead of the model object?

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Hey @baristiryaki,

The input to the CreateModelStep function should be the model object, not the model name (which as @nfolkert suggested is a string). Try updating the CreateModelStep function call with the correct parameters and then report again :wink: