Week 3 build your pipeline package with the TFX CLI

I went to do the build your pipeline with the TFX CLI .
I need to set the ENDPOINT. I Don’t know where to get it in Azure I know how to do it just google is different. So if some can help me out with?

Hi Timothy! Have you resolved this already? As mentioned in the lab, you can click on the AI Platform Pipelines page. Just make sure that when the page pops up, check that you’re logged in with the credentials that Qwiklabs provided. You can click the profile icon on the upper right:

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 8.46.35 PM

Sometimes, GCP switches you to your personal gmail account automatically. If you’re restarting the lab, I recommend that you do it in Incognito or private browsing so you can avoid this step already.

Once on the page, you’ll see the cluster created. You should see the endpoint when you click the settings for it. It should have the pattern ‘…pipelines.googleusercontent.com’ . Hope this helps!