Week 3, Exercise 6 in TensorFlow -- is transpose mentioned elsewhere?

I don’t remember seeing “tf.transpose” in any of the exercises previously, or being mentioned in the videos anywhere. So, 2 cents: it seemed very abrupt to suddenly expect us to discover that function that we need when there is so much hand holding elsewhere with the functions to call. Yes, there are vague hints towards what is needed for the exercise 6 in the instructions (and it is briefly in some of the provided code for a test), but everywhere else really spells out what function to use everywhere, and this one just snuck in. Would be easy to update instructions for this.

If there is desire for students to learn how to navigate the tensorflow docs, perhaps that could be its own exercise, to ask us to look through the docs to find something. It does not seem like this specific function is extra valuable for us have to look up.

Thanks for your observation.