Week 3 Image Segmentation and Car detection Grading error

I am having difficulty with the autograder. I have restarted and cleared the kernel, I tried rewriting the code from scratch. I have been having these two errors for two days now. Any suggestions will be appreciated. It also takes forever to output the results.

Thank you,

Same here :confused:

Coursera seems to be having a widespread technical issue.

I contacted the coursera staff but they are keep asking us to resolve the problem with deeplearning.ai since they do not administer the course content.

That’s what Coursera’s Help Center always says. They are largely worthless. They persist in not understanding that DLAI provides the course materials, but Coursera provides the grader technology.

I believe DLAI staff is working on the issue with their technical contacts at Coursera. It isn’t clear if Coursera tech staff works on the weekends.

Thanks for the confirmation