Week 3 logistic regression

Using the lab: Sigmoid function and logistic regression

When running the code, there’s a problem with the plot:

Plot z vs sigmoid(z)

This following line is not correct and doesn’t produce the plots
fig,ax = plt.subplots(1,1,figsize=(5,3))

I reviewed for any spelling problems, but that’s not it.

When runnning the code in the coursera page there’s no plot and no error message, but when I ran it in Colab it throws a NotImplementedError:

thanks for helping

Hey @Carelia_Rojas,
The plot runs perfectly fine in my Coursera’s lab. Can you please try and use different browsers to run the same assignment, and see if the plot renders in any of them? Additionally, can you please ensure that you have a stable Internet connection. Let me know if this helps.