Week 3 Optional References - Deceptive site warning

On the Data lineage reference link, I got a warning message like this

Kindly check if this is the right link and how to proceed viewing the content safely. Thanks.

First of all, it is safe.

The link is not redirecting, so there is no reason for this warning to pop up.
Do you have security software installed for URL filtering ? Let us know, we can check to ensure our sites are not incorrectly marked as dangerous.

Hi satishnandi, thanks for your reply. It was prompted the above message this morning. I had attempted few times and it did show this warning message on both normal and incognito mode. That’s why I screen-shot the messsage and enquired it here. However, when I check the link now, it is back to normal and can go direct to the link without the warning message anymore. No changes on my laptop was done to try viewing the site either.

Since it is back to normal. I guess can close this issue though I don’t know what/how it was fixed… :sweat_smile: