Week 3 Quiz - Q3

Hi, everyone! Could you please explain to me what does 1<= l <= L in this question? I select the correct answer randomly but I don’t get it too. :neutral_face:

Thanks for your support.

Hey @mahmoud_ahc sharing answers like this publicly is against the Code of Honour. I have edited your post to remove it.

And here “l” is the layer number. The question is about correct generic formulas for a layer l.
You take some information from the previous layer. I cannot explain in detail without giving away the answer to this question. For more detail, I’d recommend watching the lecture video of W3 " Computing a Neural Network’s Output" again and notice how those equations are made.

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I think it can be recalled that the wording of the question speaks of layer l. However, a neural network has between 1 and L (the total number of layers, with L a positive integer) layers. Hopefully this answer doesn’t violate Coursera’s honor code (I don’t think I’m talking about the exam itself).

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