Week 3, Quiz question 2

I wonder there are 2 possible answers in week 3, quiz question 2
Logistic unit, b_x, b_y, b_h, and b_w
Logistic unit, b_x, b_y, b_h (since b_h=b_w)

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Hi Fakhriddin99,

The question asks for the most appropriate set of output units. Considering you also want to be memory efficient, which set of output units could you choose best?

Hi Fakhriddin99,

As I indicated, you want to be memory efficient. Could you please remove the answer from your post? Thanks!

Aha, I deleted. I still wonder if we don’t know b_h, we can’t draw a box. I think it must include b_h

Yes, in practice there will be small differences in shape, so depending on how exact you want to be you may have to include other variables. It’s a theoretical answer! In any case, most questions primarily serve to make you think, so I guess this question succeeded in doing so :slightly_smiling_face: