Week 4 C1 ,exercise 6,7

i cant find error,i tried every word in none but always error

Hello @gourav_rana07,

Your answers for the exercise 6 and 7 look just fine. Can you share the full error message? And please make sure your answers for the exercise 4 and 5 are correct.

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now exercise 4,5 answers

please help to solve this,because i tried this too many times

Hi @gourav_rana07,

Can you share the estimator definition or upload the assignment?

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There is something wrong with the estimator definition. Please check the value of the image_uri.

sir image_uri is pre written

and what should be in image_uri pls help

Can you print out the variable “image_uri” and Please give me the result.

That’s it. So what should be right value in the Estimator definition?

image_uri = None

Please replace the None with your image uri variable.

Please change the ‘None’ to right value in the Estimator.

sorry sir ,but i can’t understand what to do

There is a variable which have the image url above Exercise 3. And you already print it out :slight_smile:

Your retrieved the image uri value using the sagemaker.image_uris.retrieve() function.

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thank you sooo sooo much sir,again thanks a lott

sir are you on any social platfrom?
because you are great sir and i become fan of yours

It’s great @gourav_rana07 :slight_smile:

Can you remove all of the screenshots and your assignment for another learner?

sure sir,but thanks again sir

You are very welcome @gourav_rana07.

Happy learning :slight_smile:

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Thank you for a good look @gourav_rana07 but there is no such a social platform sorry.

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