Week 4 - Lab Assignment AWS Error - URGENT

Hi, I have not been able to finish this course (PDS Course 1), because I’ve not been able to access the AWS Lab since the 19th of December. Since then, i’ve reached out here and in the course’s discussion section. I’ve received an email saying the issue had been solved but that is not the case.
When I try to start the AWS Lab, I get a pop up info window, on the lower right corner, saying "AWS Account deactivated on 19-12-2021 ".
Because this has not been solved, I’ve been charged another payment cycle while I cannot do the assignment.
Can you please help me solve this issue? Coursera Help Center told me AWS has to solve it, not them and I am loosing my mind trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.

Can you please check it and help @Bia.Mano

Hi Chirag,

It seems this post is from four months ago. Are you still having issues @Bia.Mano?


Hi Chirag,
This is a technical problem with AWS, better to ask them online support from AWS about your account issue.