Week 4 Neural Style Transfer Assignment

Dear Administrator,

Could you please guide me why these 2 images are similar despite the first image is of content layer (block1_conv1) and the second image is of content layer (block5_conv4) ?

Epoch 20000
Learning Rate = 0.001
Content Layer: block1_conv1

Epoch 20000
Learning Rate = 0.001
Content Layer: block5_conv4

Moreover, according to the assignment, running for around 20000 epochs with a learning rate of 0.001, we are able to get the image like this

I have followed the same instruction (20000 epochs and learning rate 0.001), but my resulting image is different. May i know if i missed anything?

Thank you

Here is the image I got after 2501 epochs and without changing the default learning rate (0.01).

To provide a little more information about your question:

Did you change the number of epochs here:

Did you change the learning rate here?

What code did you add to the notebook to get your outputs from block1 and block5?

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Dear Mr Tom Mosher,

I made a modification on these 3 parts:

epochs = 20001



Thank you.

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I believe the instruction to use a learning rate of 0.001 is a typo - because it’s just some casual text in the notebook, not actually part of the assignment instructions.

There is no code in the notebook to modify the learning rate.

I’ll ask the course staff to verify whether that’s a typo.

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The answer from the course staff is that it isn’t a typo, but they will update the explanation.