Week1 assignment 1 : it's being too lengthy to solve assignment

I spent more than 3 hrs to solve this assignment with forward and back propagation ( my typing speed + computing speed could be low :sweat_smile:) but I feel we should split this assignment into 2 assignments or at least split the big functions into much small functions as the assignment is being too lengthy and difficult to solve in one go. If we keep it lengthy then obviously people will get exhausted and will copy paste the code from internet

The backpropagation part of the assignment is entirely optional, and really not a terribly useful skill in this era. Modern packages will automatically do the backpropagation for you.

Oops ! , I think I didn’t see that backprop is optional :pleading_face: ,I solved entire assignment :sob: It took too much time man , from next I will read the notebook carefully :sweat_smile::joy: