Week1 Exercise 4, test 6 failed

Bar plot 5/15 in grades.
Test 6 failed: ‘y’ was incorrectly defined. ‘x’ was incorrectly defined. Please try again.

The x and y are defined by the column names in the df. I am not sure the correct answer to x and y.

# Create seaborn barplot
barplot = sns.barplot(
    ### BEGIN SOLUTION - DO NOT delete this comment for grading purposes
    data=df_count_by_category_desc, # Replace None
    y="product_category", # Replace None
    x="count_reviews", # Replace None
    ### END SOLUTION - DO NOT delete this comment for grading purposes

# Set the size of the figure
sns.set(rc={'figure.figsize':(15.0, 10.0)})
# Set title
plt.title("Number of reviews per product category")
plt.xlabel("Number of reviews")
plt.ylabel("Product category")


# Do not change the figure name - it is used for grading purposes!
plt.savefig('num_reviews_per_category.png', dpi=300)

# Show the barplot

Not sure though, am also facing the same issue

restarting the kernel, and re-running all cells fixed the issue.