Week1 grading assignment issues

  1. When I submitted the graded app assignment for the 1st time the grader is giving out error and I got low marks.

  2. After that when I am trying to resubmit the domain isnt getting created. I am unable to create it either

So can you tell me:

  1. Should we stop retrying till we get a confirmation from your side that both of the issues are fixed.
  2. How will you notify us about the fix?
  3. When will the a. grader issue b. domain issue be resolved
    What if it takes longer time and exceeds the course time
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Is this an error that stops running all youe notebook code or just a warning?

I have the same problem and post it just like you. Hope they will figure it out soon.

Previously the grading was throwing error. Now I am unable to run the code itself as the instance domain isnt created.

Hello @chris.favila I think this is post that you should look into.

@chris.favila Can you please help with the resolution. As I am stuck on this.

Hi Pallav. Unfortunately, I was mistagged here. I am not familiar with this course. I’ll ask my colleague if he can help. Thanks.

Please follow this thread for status on this issue.

The sagemaker domain is still not getting created . So I am unable to start the assignment. @TMosh

Sagemaker is a different topic than this thread was focused on (the deprecation warning).

For Sagemaker, please follow this thread: