Week2 Assignment1 Exercise2

Dear course team,

I am currently working on Excercise2 of Assignment 1 of Week2, DLS

I believe that my code should be right, yet I got an Assertion error notification: “AssertionError: Wrong values when training=True.”

However, according to the update log of Assignment 1, the parameter ‘training = True’ was removed from the notebook:

I wonder if the unit test code has been updated simultaneouslly?

One common mistake learners make in this exercise is to use the wrong input for the shortcut path. It should not be X.

The test is correct, although you could argue it would be better if they changed the wording.

The fact that you failed the test means there is something wrong with your code and Saif’s suggestion is definitely the first thing to check.

If that’s not the problem, there are quite a few other parameters that are passed to the various layer functions and every one of them needs to be exactly correct and match the instructions.

Thanks for your prompt reply and suggestion !
The tricky thing was that I got the input of shortcut path correctly at first but made a mistake on the requirement of the third component of main path.

Thanks again for your support!

Thanks for your kind reply!
I have check my code again and identified an error in the third component of main path.

Thanks again for your patient support on my question!
And pls allow me to apologise for questioning about the unit test.

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