in practice lab 1…task2…there is an error appearing

Hello @Kainat_Ijaz,

The error comes from your code. Everyone understands the error and solve it on their own, and here is how you can start this process:

  1. read the error message “IndexError: boolean index …”
  2. google the error message for more explanations. It’s not unusual that you need to read over 5 or 10 posts to finally understand it.
  3. experiment your understanding about this error. For example, I can provide you with the following example that can reproduce the error, but I will leave it to you to understand the rationale behind through step 1, 2 and 3.

  1. After you understand the source of the error, then you will need to figure out what’s wrong with your work, and how to correct it. I won’t tell you how to correct it.

Good luck!

thanks for guiding sir…my problem has been solved

Hello @Kainat_Ijaz,

Great job solving the problem on your own!