Week2 practice lab

Code removed.

my code doesn’t run clear , what is the mistake?

Hey there,
your indentation is not correct. You should click before f_wb_i(the first line of the series of lines) and press backspace till f_wb_i reaches the semicolon in line for I in range(m):. Then press enter, and the line will automatically be adjusted in the correct indentation. And now, repeat this process with all of these dj_dw_i lines so as to arrange them in correct indentation order.


that happens after running my code ,even if i use two different initializations of the parameters 𝑤 , 𝑏 .

Hello @Shimaa_Tarek , please check out the hints below the exercise for how to calculate dj_dw_i and dj_db_i

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i checked all the hints

But you didn’t follow the hints to calculate them.

okey i’ll give a try

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accidently, i deleted the hints cell and assignment doesn’t reset so i try to get it back but i can’t
what should i do ?

Hi @Shimaa_Tarek,

Please check this out for how to refresh your workspace. The steps will ask you to rename your current notebook, before you are able to get a fresh, latest copy of the notebook.

I am closing this thread, Please open a new thread if you have a new quesiton.


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