Week2 problem#5 scoring

I think I got #5 correct but it gave me a score of 0.
Also, can you please explain why m_new = m - learning_rate * dEdm
wont work in #6?
Thank you

In Exercise 5, there are two different functions. Which one are you having problems with?

In Exercise 6, computing m_new requires that your dEdm() function work correctly, and that you pass it the correct arguments.

#5 I don’t think I have problems with either. I got the expected answer but I didn’t get full credit.
#6 Thank you for your hint. I got it now.

Then your code doesn’t work correctly. It has some error that the grader detected.

You can see what the error was by looking at the detailed grader feedback.

Now all my scores are zero including the ones I got full credits. Do you know what is going on?

If there is any syntax error or other actual exception being thrown by any code in the notebook, then the grader can’t run anything, so you get 0 for everything even if some of the sections are correct.

Please check “Show grader output” and hopefully that will point at which cell is throwing the error.

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I’d guess there is an error in your notebook that is making the grader crash.

Hi Tom,
Thank you for checking in. I found out that it was a mistake I made on the formula. Once I fixed it, everything was fine. I now got 100% on my assignment.
Thank you


That’s great news!