What are some practical use cases that you can think of

Since I’m not a developer. I was wondering what sort of practical use cases one can come up with that individuals can leverage chatGPT in their personal learning or growth.

A few things I can think of:

  • Summarize articles/websites
  • Writing emails
  • Writing documentations
  • Getting suggestions for things to do
  • Letting ChatGPT create a training plan according to your goals

If you use chatGPT as your personal consultant/Assistant, you can find a lot of scenarios you leverage ChatGPT for. You can also develop your own tools on ChatGPT to work for you.

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Chatgpt can do lot of things:

  1. Writing script for blogging
  2. Write poems, essays,summaries
  3. Write recepie blog script
  4. Doubt clearing on any topic
  5. Learning purpose
  6. Research on a topic
  7. Writing emails, letters

For developers :

  1. Help in bug fixing
  2. Assistance in building softwares
  3. Learning as well
  4. Doubt clearing

There are many more use cases.

You can also train the model with your own functions with reinforcement learning, we can optimize and customize it making it more user centric. It can learn from feedback.

Nevertheless we need to keep in mind there are certain limitations

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