What are the next steps after creating a custom prompt?

After taking the new ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers short course, I found it sparking many ideas to attempt in my business.
I am seeking best advice for my next steps below.

My Business
I currently work for a large franchise in the fitness industry. I have a csv dataset of all members using our various products. (club memberships, when they check in to a club, how often, what products they buy, their interests (gym/cardio/classes/aquatics/tennis/basketball/pickle-ball/nutrition/etc), and more.

What I’d like to accomplish
I want to create a dashboard to display the following: our members, their most used products, inference if they are/are not a likely buyer for other products, potential for repurchase, high/low club attendance frequency, and high/low chance of membership cancellation.

OpenAI Questions
First, can I accomplish this with OpenAI as suggested from the course?
-If yes: what is the best route for creating this prompt to accomplish the tasks I am looking for?
-If no: what are the best tools and processes I need to accomplish this?

Dashboard questions
Secondly, I am looking into best processes for building the dashboard framework. I am experienced with Replit, Xcode, and VS Studio Code to build with. I can also navigate copilot, chatGPT, and other AI code tools to read and write python, js, css, others.

-What build tool(s) would be best to create this Dashboard UI?
-After creating the prompt, what is the process for displaying my prompt outputs into the Dashboard?

Hopefully this is easy to read and I am painting a clear picture for what I am building!