What does mean "timestamp" in quastion?

I can’t understand answers. Help me, please

Most probably I have to remove Гr, because it is optional. But I really can’t understand what is Гu better. Looks like that both option, only 0 or only 1 can break algorythm

Гu is gate coefficient if you follow the classes you must be able to have understood it by now, and a timestep is a unit of time.

I understand that gate will update or not update cell c. But I can’t understand what is better for algorythm 0 or 1? I thank that both can break it.

Oh, it is timestep, not timestamp :smiley: ok, I understood this part

Yeah this is your moment to use a bit of critical thinking, its not very hard to make the distinction really!

if Гu = 0 always in this case all c examples will be like initial, so algorythm doesn’t work. If Гu = 1, than c will be updated on each step. So, each of them is working incorrectly, isn’t it?