What kind of Jupyter notebook is this?

What kind of Jupyter notebook is this? It looks entirely different from the one I use - 6.4.5. For some reasons it does not show me the code:

I cannot even scroll inside that narrow code window.

Hello, Aleksey Malyshev I advise using your *.ipynd file in another IDE, such as vscode, to determine whether the issue has been resolved.
Here is a useful link to get you started with the notebook in vscode.

Hi Alexey! It seems you changed the notebook theme from dark mode. Next time you encounter this, you can try refreshing the page so you can scroll normally. I was informed that this is a bug in Sagemaker. Thank you for reporting!

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The notebook is not loading in my browser. Can anyone please share the notebook?

I had an impression that VSCode runs the notebook locally, am I mistaken? Can I connect the VSCode to the remote notebook on Amazon SageMaker?