What kind of non linear function is this?

I am curious to know what kind of function is this.


They dependent variable is constant and also line does not intercept y axis. So can we make this graph programmatically ?

Hi, tbhaxor!
x=4 isn’t a function. It’s just an equation. Here, the range of y is (-infinity, infinity). A function should map inputs(one or more) to a unique output --which isn’t the case described here.
This graph can be made programmatically though (it doesn’t need to be a function to be plotted programmatically).
Have a great day!

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We can write it as 0y + x = 4, here y is a free variable

Sure, and as Nithin pointed out, that is an equation, but it is not a function. The mathematical definition of a function is that it takes an input x and gives one output y value for each input x value. A vertical line means you have an infinite number of y values corresponding to a single x value, as Nithin said. That is not a function.

So if you are trying to propose using that as an activation function, that is not going to work.


No I am not trying to propose it as activation function. It is clear to me, thanks @Nithin_Skantha_M @paulinpaloalto