What should I see for semantic segmentation after three epochs?

I know the assignment says that I should not expect anything impressive after three epochs, but I would expect something better for the accuracy of 50% reported during training. Here is the image I get:


The worst thing is that I get the same image for all input images, which is for sure wrong.

In addition, as many others, I get the grade 0/100 despite having passed all the tests in the notebook.

Hi Meir,

In the original version of the assignment, quite a few more epochs were used to arrive at a decent segmentation image. The only problem was that that took a very, very, very, very long time to run. So, yes, it’s not pretty, but it’s a compromise. As to your submission, I hope you have passed by now!

I ran it for 20 epochs on my laptop. While not too pretty, now the resulting images resemble the true masks. :slight_smile:

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