What will be application of AI/ML in teaching and learning?

I am now familiar about some of real life applications of AI/ML in marketing, detection and pattern-matching however my mind is obscured as to where AI/ML applies to teaching in a classroom. Any help?


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Are you mean to use Machine learning as a tool to teaching?

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We can use generative AI for teaching core concepts to students by generating images or visual , or we can train a specific model in one specific subject to teach students , or a robots can be built which later be trained to teach specific subjects based on requirement
or a companion robot to make learning more interactive like an assistant

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Yes, I intend to use AI/ML as a tool for teaching.

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Thank you for this reply! I never thought of this. Kind of blew over my head!

These ideas will be great, only if they can be extended to other teaching facilities.

I think training AI models for learning management systems can be used to tailor learning to the exact needs of a student/user. Wouldn’t it be great as a learner if an AI model could collect your data based on your learning pattern only to improve your learning experience?

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In fact, applying AI/ML helps develop and improve outcomes for students and increases teachers’ skills. Their application may be through research, self-learning, or practicing some training to develop a specific skill.
While the teacher enhances the educational session through the participation of artificial intelligence, which supports and develops the educational process

Moreover Ai/ML can be used to evaluate students behaviour and academics and plans could be customised for individual students thus this can help the teachers to better understand the students too . In the present in India the edtech boom has seen ample development in this field and many services have bloomed in recent times.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in the field of education