What's about Google patent on dropout?

I read somewhere that the dropout method is patented by Google. If I use dropout in a commercial product, do I enter into an infringement? Do I (or my organization) have to pay patent fees?

I have not read that anywhere, I dont think its true.

We cannot give you legal advice.

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there is nothing to add to Tom‘s feedback:

@b0sch_mike: you better check with your IP department or a lawyer / patent attorney. DLS Mentors are not the right people to provide legal device.

Regarding dropout:

Do mean this patent, filed in 2013 and granted in 2016: https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/e2/28/32/25cb6a0912d49d/US9406017.pdf ?

If so, feel free to read through it and check out the content and especially the claims to get familiar with the matter before consulting your IP department or a lawyer / patent attorney.

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Side note: in case you are interested in the patenting process, this thread might be worth a look.