What's up? Let's meet!

I am Fernando Maia, from Portugal. I have a Masters in Engineering Physics, I work now as a Machine Vision engineer at Smartex. I work mostly with optics and stuff.

Since we are a company that uses a lot of Machine Learning, I am here to learn as much as possible.

Oh well, in my free time I play drums in a progressive metal band called Phase Transition. And you?
BTW, because I am a very hear sensitive person, I was listening to Andrew talking and I think, in the audio, the region of 5k Hz could be reduced with a band stop filter. That way it would be even more pleasant to hear Andrew! Do you also notice that?

Wish you all a great course!


Nice to meet you Fernando!
Portugal is a bit far from where I am but would love to visit there some day :portugal:
Anyone in Japan here?:crossed_flags:
I’m based in Kobe :japan:

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Hi @Aziadocs and @debisoft . My name is Raymond Kwok and I am from Hong Kong, nice to meet you guys here! I also have a Physics degree and had worked in optics that was to build algorithms and tests for mobile phone’s OIS modules (Optical Image Stabilization).

Very illustrative video of what Smartex does, and I didn’t know 30% was wasted - the number is surprising to me. Great work Smartex!


@rmwkwok Wow! That’s cool!! It really puts into perspective what ML can do!! :robot: :muscle:


Hello everyone,

My name is Ali and I just started the first course in ML specialization. Happy to discuss with you the content.
Also, I would be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn.
This is my profile URL: www.linkedin.com/in/ali-malki



Hey I am Khushal! Just would like to learn new concepts and try them in python if anyone wants to learn together ping me. Here’s my linkedin profile if anyone wants to connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/khushal-vanani-8419a7212/
And Happy to be here…

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Hello everyone! Nice to read you all :slight_smile:
I’m Patricia and I’m also a physicist, but I switched fields to software development 5 years ago.
I’m starting a MSc in Artificial Intelligence next October so I’m just trying to have a head start with this ML specialization.
I live in Valencia, Spain, so not sure if anyone here will be close enough to really meet :confused: but in any case, let’s keep in touch: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pfernandez89/
See you around! :person_raising_hand:

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Look forward to discussing ML with you guys!

Hi, nice to meet you Raymond!
That’s dope! What data did you used to improve Stabilization? accelarometer and/or images bursts?

Thank you! Yeah, textile industry pollutes a lot, and it is really dirty. Our teams try our best to solve this problem!

We did OIS hardware-wise, so gyroscope and accelerometer data. I needed to fit the whole algorithm into a chip with very very very tiny memory capacity so unfortunately didn’t try the image data itself. It’s a lot of fun experimenting different ways to convert data into OIS signals.

I’m in SF, let me know if anyone in the bay area wants to meet up. Did the course before when i had to learn Octave… did not like using octave, but python is my main programming language, so i’m excited to take the course again and build some models!

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Hi My name is Waseem Ahmed. I saw Andrew’s lecture at stanford 2018 on youtube and kinda kept bouncing around until now.

Nice to (meet/read ) oh well , get to know you all.

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Hi, mika from Finland… working mainly as a programmer, took beginners DL course last year here locally, but still struggle with everything ML related :slight_smile:
feel free to add https://www.linkedin.com/in/unitycoder/

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Welcome everyone! @unitycoder_com, let us know when you have a ML question by starting a new post! We are happy to help!

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Hi everyone!

My name is Laura, I’m from Spain but I’m based in the UK. I’m currently studying a Data Science degree.

See you around!

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Hi everyone!

I‘m from Germany; looking forward to connecting with you: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiansimonis/

Best regards

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Hi all!

I am a Junior Data Scientist at a parts planning company out of Austin, TX. We’re starting to look deeper into ML solutions for our products and services.

On the side, I have hosted a podcast called The Coffee Podcast for 6 years. Click on the link if you like a good cup of coffee! As you can imagine, I am also curious how ML can benefit the Coffee Sector.

Happy brewing,

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Hi! Its OC here from Hong Kong. My undergrad was Economics and I’m in legal profession now. There’s been all these talks on fintech and blockchain and AI, so I figured I would try my hands on machine learning specialization course. Needless to say, Python and Numpy are like UFO to me, and I’m trying to get my heads around those regression models and coding. Anyways, life is about exploration. Lets see where it takes (maybe I can one day build a robot lawyer? lol)

Very ambitious! OC, you are the first HK learner I know, welcome!

This course uses quite some Python ofcourse, but the focus of this course is on Machine Learning itself, so we might not see many tutorials about programming, and programming is really something learn-by-trying. If there is any challenge that is difficult to get through please start a post!

Welcome again!

Hi all,
Is there anyone from Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam?