When will Course-3 be enabled?

When will Course-3 of the PDS specialization be enabled in coursera?

Thanks for the question Kalilur. Course 3 is under development and expected to be launched within a couple of months.

You might want to be a bit more open about this. The courses are great, but I would probably have gone for a different specialization if I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish it during the free time that I have this summer. This now comes as a surprise.

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Thanks for the feedback Magnus, we will try our best to issue it as early as possible.

I concur with the OP and memark. I was under the impression that I can complete all three courses within a month as part of the monthly subscription. Now, I need to pay again just to complete one more course. Some heads up would have been great as I would have chosen otherwise to wait it out and complete all courses in a month.