Where can I download the slide?

hi, where can o download the slides?

Thanks Julio

Hi Julio
normally, they don’t share the slides. You can use the Notes functionality if you want to save some parts of the videos.

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Hi Luigisaetta,

I feel that slides are a better way to revise the concepts than looking at the videos. The slides in this course are really good and captured the whole concept very well. So it is better than looking at our notes :slight_smile:

It would be really helpful if you release the slides. Please reconsider it.



Hi @kandy16

well, you know, different people learn in different ways. Personally, I also prefer having a look at slides to looking again at videos.

But the release of slides is something decided at the level of the organization of the course. For now, it is not planned. I’ll report your feedback.

Happy learning

Thank you.
The course is very well structured and I am having a good time in learning.

Thanks you and all the moderators and mentors for your support

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