Where is the LIKE button on Discourse posts?

I found a post (Course 4 Week 4 Quiz: 3D Convolution) that I agree with. I can see that it has 2 likes, but I cannot find the Like button anywhere on screen.
Q: Can you explain how do I LIKE a question or comment OR do I have to ‘Vote’ for it?


Hey @leafytop could you tell me what exactly is your intention for “liking” a post ? Is it because you like what is said. Or because you came across similar issue ?

Hi @Mubsi, in this instance I found a question posted by another learner that exactly matched the an issue that I had with one of the answers on a quiz. I wanted to indicate agreement with the question.

I am trying to follow the guidance of the FAQ page (DeepLearning.AI) where under the ‘Keep it Tidy’ section, it states ‘Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button. Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, use Reply as a Linked Topic.’

The problem is that I cannot locate the Luke button on screen, even though the question already has 2 lines from other users.


Hey @leafytop, thank you for following our instructions and helping us in keeping things tidy.

I must apologise for the inconvenience that you face. We have added the “voting” button, which you can see next to the header of any post (top left), which serves the purpose of what you just described above, conveying the indication that you came across a similar issue. I just realised that after adding the “voting” feature, we forgot to update our FAQs. Again, that’s on us, and we apologise for the time you spent in locating the like button.

I have taken note of it and it shall be updated soon.


Thank you @Mubsi

That explanation makes sense.


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