Where is the pre-trained model?

Hey guys! After doing the first assignment in C4 W3, it makes me curious about the pre-trained model. However, i cannot find the pre-trained model. Is there any way i could look the code for the pre-trained model? Thanks!

yolo_model = load_model(“model_data/”, compile=False)

WARNING:tensorflow:SavedModel saved prior to TF 2.5 detected when loading Keras model. Please ensure that you are saving the model with model.save() or tf.keras.models.save_model(), NOT tf.saved_model.save(). To confirm, there should be a file named “keras_metadata.pb” in the SavedModel directory.

As you see in the guide, saved model is in the directory of “model_data/”
You can also find YOLO_head and Darknet model in"yad2k/models/" directory.

< Updates > WARNING message that I pasted may be for my environment only. But, it helps you to understand how a model is saved and where it is…